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EDM , Techno, Trance, Background music, Rave, Psychedelic, Ambient and more...!

Danazoul, artist name of Dany Thibault, is a Canadian electronic music composer and producer. Native of Abitibi Témiscamingue in Quebec.

Danazoul Electronic Music
EDM / Trance / Techno / Dance / Rave / Film / Ambient  / Psy …
Member of Ascap USA
Soproq Quebec, Canada

Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

12 p.m. (-5 GMT)

I publish a video on youtube!

Go see it and take the opportunity to discover all of my music.
5 complete albums and several hours of listening!
Subscribe and comment, I need your help to make me known :)
Thank you all 🙏

To listen the music, click on the album of your choice.The new stuff is in the latest album in progress! Thank you for your support!

Danazoul Electronic Music Album 1
43 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 2
18 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 3
23 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 4
20 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 5
22 Tracks
Danazoul Electronic Music Album 6
In Progress

Electronic music vol.2

Danazoul Electronic Music Album 2


Electronic Music Vol.2

Hey! You like techno music and different styles of electronic music!

So welcome to this post.

You are going to listen to Danazoul Album 2.

This output offers you 18 tracks of different musical style

There are some for fans of techno music, Trance music, EDM, Rave, dance, film … There are even tests for background music.

Good listening!

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Danazoul Electronic Music
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